Breville BES810BSSUSC Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine Reviews

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Are you looking for an espresso machine that works for beginners, but also offers some high-end features? If you’re on the quest for the best home espresso machine, you should definitely take a look at the Breville BES810BSSUSC Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine. 

The Breville BES810BSSUSC Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine is one of the best espresso machines out in the market today. It has the style and quality of higher-priced Breville machines, but is compact, simple, and affordable enough, making it a great introduction to brewing espresso at home. Plus, it pulls a delicious, rich shot and has a high-quality steam wand that can create great texture. It is also fairly easy to use for a semi-automatic machine, making it ideal for both beginners and experts alike. 

If you already have an espresso-quality grinder, would like to buy one separately, or if you plan to buy pre-ground specialty espresso coffee, the Breville BES810BSSUSC Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine is a great choice for you.  

Product Specifications

15 Bar Italian Pump 15 bar Italian-made pump
Accessories Included Accessories: Razor Dose Trimming Tool1cup & 2cup Single & Dual Wall Filter Baskets (4)Stainless Steel Milk JugAllen KeyWater Filter Holder and Water Filter
Capacity Water Tank Capacity: 61 oz.
Construction Materials Brushed Stainless Steel
Dimensions (WxDxH) 11″ x 10″ x 13″
Heating System Heating System: 1600W Thermocoil–Integrated stainless-steel water path accurately controls water temperature.
Power 1600 Watts
Pre-Infusion Function Gradually increases water pressure to gently expand grinds for an even extraction.
Purge Function Automatically adjusts water temperatures after steam for optimal espresso temperature.
Settings Manual control over espresso shot volume.
Voltage 110–120 Volts.
Warranty 1 Year Limited Product Warranty

Design and Style


Clad in a brushed stainless-steel casing, the Breville BES810BSSUSC Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine looks sleep and professional. The user-friendly controls are clean, evenly spaced, and the buttons are backlit when the machine is one, creating a seamless interface. Its commercial-grade stainless steel portafilter and steam wand further accentuate the Breville BES810BSSUSC Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine’s fresh style, and of course, it helps in making delicious coffee. 

Plus, the Breville BES810BSSUSC Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine is BPA-free for all the parts that come in contact with water and coffee. 

The brushed casing and compact size make it possible for this machine to easily fit into any home brewer’s kitchen. At only 10.25 inches wide, its slim profile can easily squeeze on the smallest counters and fit a couple mugs on the cup warmer. However, even though it’s a compact unit, its spacious 61-ounce water tank can easily handle multiple drinks. 

Ease of Use

The Breville BES810BSSUSC Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine is a semi-automatic machine. This means that you have to grind, tamp, and brew the coffee yourself. You also have to steam the milk manually using a steam wand. This process isn’t particularly difficult but it does take a bit of a learning curve for beginners. 

Though the Breville BES810BSSUSC Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine does present the challenges that typically come with a semi-automatic machine, it does a fairly great job of reducing those difficulties as much as possible. The portafilter has a great design, doesn’t leak, and generally doesn’t make a mess. The steam wand can be easily moved and is short enough to hang over the drip tray, meaning excess milk ends up in the tray and not on your kitchen counter. The intuitive controls also make it clear which settings need to be selected to pull a shot or use the steam wand. The tamp as a nice heft and feel to it, and conveniently stores in a magnetic slot. Both the water tank and drip tray are easy to remove and carry over to the sink. 

Overall, the Breville BES810BSSUSC Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine is easier to use than other semi-automatic machines. This mostly comes down to the Duo Temp’s pre-infusion feature, which hits the coffee grinds with a splash of relatively low-pressure water before it ramps up to full pressure. That pre-infusion tends to flatten out the coffee and adjust for any small errors in tamping, and to a small extent the grind size, which results in a greater success rate for beginners. 


In terms of taste, the Breville BES810BSSUSC Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine can match the quality of a café drink. This machine can produce a bold, rich espresso with a nice crema and red hues during extraction. Combine that espresso with the almost perfect microfroam this machine’s steam wand can produce, and you’ve got a latte or cappuccino that tastes like your favorite barista just made it for you.  

Other Key Features

Here are some of the other key features that make the Breville BES810BSSUSC Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine stand out. 

  • Steam Wand. This machine features a 360° rotating steam wand that enhances its micro-texturing capabilities. 
  • Automatic Purging. The Breville Duo Temp Pro offers a signature automated purging function. This functionality activates after every steaming session and will automatically bring down the temperature of the thermocoil down to the level for brewing espresso. This guarantees that you don’t burn your next espresso after steaming. 
  • Pre-Infusion Feature. Just before brewing starts, this espresso machine emits a flow of the water from the water tank. This function helps to extract the optimal flavor from ground beans before the puck is subjected to regulated temperature and pressurized operation. This pre-infusion ensures that all areas of ground are saturated for an even extraction from the coffee grounds. 
  • Dual Filters. This machine comes with both single and dual-walled filter baskets. However, the one-wall filter can also be used to extract just one shot of delicious coffee in an attempt. 
  • Razor Dosage Trimming Tool. One secret to a great coffee extract is to have the right ground coffee dosage and compact with the exact amount of pressure. The Breville Duo Temp Pro comes with a razor dosage trimming tool which can be used to remove the excess coffee grounds from the portafilter. This guarantees that you are using the right dosage of ground coffee. 
  • Storage Capacity. The Breville Duo Temp Pro includes an inner storage on the side of the device used to store the related accessories that come with the machine. It also houses a built-in cleaning tool for maintenance purposes. This feature allows you to save space otherwise necessary to hold peripherals of the machine. 

Breville BES810BSSUSC Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine Reviews Direct From the Users

Here’s what people are saying about the Breville BES810BSSUSC Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine. 

“Mr. Consistency. Once I have had several less expensive machines and they didn’t standup to daily use. Every morning with this machine I make 2 lattes and most often several large cups of coffee during the day. I especially appreciate the high pressure from the steam wand that makes it easy for me to froth non-fat milk for the lattes. I am pretty sure that the water filter in the tank is keeping impurities in the water from clogging the pump. My only problem is when my wife turns the machine off she doesn’t turn the selector knob to the idle position. When the machine cools down with the knob in the extract position the knob becomes hard to turn. Solution? (I now make all the coffee and she doesn’t touch the machine!)” – Andrew W.

“This machine rocks! This machine produces some of the best espresso shots I have ever had. I use the Trung Nguyen premium blend, and I get the perfect cup every time. This machine is easy to maintain and clean. I descale about once a week, run a cleaning cycle after each shot, and wipe down the o ring/machine daily. It is important to turn the unit off as soon as you are done pulling a shot as I have heard it will extent the life of the logic board. The unit is heavy, but this is not a bad thing, it is well made. I like how the accessories store nicely within the unit. and filling the water tank is easy peasy. Hope this review helps! Cheers!” – Terabit 

“Perfect for me! Thanks Braville. Have this for 2 months now. I make better espresso for myself than the starbuck drive-through I have been going through for many years! I chose this machine after much agonizing research, very well made just feels durable. surprisingly powerful and does a cracker-jack job. The milk foamer is amazing and bloody hot as well. It produces perfect cremma so dont worry about that. I got this model because I did not want to pay for the extra bells and whistles and I am perfectly happy with this. Also a couple decades ago I was a barista myself. If you buy Braville I don’t think you will be disappointed.” – Frank A. 

“Solid purchase. This is my third Breville Duo-Temp (or equiv) in 15 years. One was lost in an oversees move, the next lasted 12 years before the on/off button failed. It is a workhorse. I use it every day. On this redesign (which may be many years ago, since my last purchase was in 2008), I have a few minor complaints. 1. Moving the water tank to the back means every time I need to check the water level, I have to pull out the machine from its place on my counter-top. The front-loading water tank was far more convenient to monitor and refill. 2. This machine appears to be a bit lighter than older versions. It moves when putting the (tight fitting for a reason) porta-filter in place and removing it. 3. The espresso basket (which goes in the porto-filter) does not snap into and out of the porto-filter as smoothly as in the past. It often springs up and flies out of my hand when removing it. 4. There is no coffee scoop with the purchase. That’s a pretty cheap piece and it would be nice if as nice one were included. But…if you want an excellent espresso machine without unnecessary bells and whistles, this is the one to buy!” – SBK

“I spent a great deal of time online reviewing coffee makers and also in many different stores looking at them in person. I must say that this Breville espresso machine has exceeded my wildest dreams. I have owned the machine for two months now and between my wife and I we have made 3-4 double shots each day. If you want a simple design with minimal controls to worry about, this machine is for you. It is very good at pulling shots and I must say it’s as good or better than any coffee shop I have been to. The clean-up is relatively simple if you run the hot water through the steam wand after frothing your milk. I love this machine for its simplicity and its ability to pull consistent shots time after time. Some folks complain about the noise when the machine is warming up or about the small amount of hot water that comes out before the steam is rocking out of the wand to froth your milk. You can put a cup to the side to catch the water first. I have found that the very small amount of water does not affect the frothing at all. If you like a simple no mess way to make your espresso, you will love this machine. Update: After 14 months the little espresso machine is going great. I highly recommend it. It is definitely a five-star machine.” – Kevin Priddy

“Just upgraded to a Breville Duo after my Cafe Roma died. Time will tell if money equals longevity. I liked that the steam wand pivots out to the side for larger pitchers. The steamed milk for my latte ( I use almond) was so thick and creamy it stood up on the spoon! Yes, you have to squirt a bit of water into another cup first. I had to donthis with the Roma too. I kept the pitcher from that model and use it for the water before steam. Razor is cool for the perfect puck ( listen to me, I’m a barista) One small annoyance was the very bright light for steam or water…like the flashlight feature on our phones, coming right at you. Like your espresso maker is interrogating you! I got creative and took a tiny, clear blue sticker I had, perfect size, with smiley face and that tones down the bright beam.” – Cynthia 

“We bought this machine mostly because is all metal, seems durable, and Breville is a good brand ( we have small oven Breville, working great). At first, we didn’t like the machine. It was a hard transition from an old, not espresso DeLonghi where you have to just push the button to get your morning coffee. It seemed the Breville spends so much water for frothing, the coffee was not extraordinary. Shortly, we decided to return it. The seller, NationMart ,was very prompt, and return label was issued immediately. Then we decided to give one more week to the machine. We got more experience with frothing, we realized actually there is not so much waste of water. We tried to ground the coffer smaller, so the quality of the coffee and the taste also improved. Once you get used to it, actually it is very simple to make great coffee or cappuccino. There are not splashes around, as long as you have the right size of cups. Ours are 4″ tall. At the end of the week, we decided to keep the machine. Now, two weeks later, we are very happy with our Breville! The bottom line is – do not be in a hurry to return it, before to try it at least 7-8 days. The machine is actually really, really good! It also has e beautiful, simple and sleek design that compliments our kitchen. Hopefully, it will last!” – Evelina 


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