Brim 15 Bar Espresso Maker: Product Specifications, Features, and Reviews

Brim 15 Bar Espresso Maker: Product Specifications, Features, and Reviews
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Coffee shops may be mostly closed, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t recreate the cappuccinos, lattes, and other espresso drinks you’ve been missing at home. If you’re looking for an espresso machine that will help you make all of the barista-style espresso drinks you’ve been missing, look no further than the Brim 15 Bar Espresso Maker. 

The Brim 15 Bar Espresso Maker puts you in control of the whole brewing process – from dosing to pulling a shot to creating microfoam. Featuring classic Italian styling, this semi-automatic espresso maker consistently measures the perfect volume and dials in the perfect brew temperature for every shot. You can use the Brim 15 Bar Espresso Maker to create a rich crema-topped espresso, as well as textured milk for cappuccinos, flat whites, and lattes. 

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions11.81 x 10.47 x 14.09 inches
Item Weight12.56 pounds
Item model number50030
Customer Reviews4.1 out of 5 stars    220 ratings
4.1 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank#154,600 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen)
#13 in Espresso Machine & Coffeemaker Combos
Date First AvailableOctober 2, 2019

Design and Style

Featuring classic Italian styling, the Brim 15 Bar Espresso Maker has a durable and industrial-style stainless steel construction with an elegant wood finish handle. It also features a heated top plate to keep your cups warm. 


It also features a commercial-style 360˚ swivel action steam wand along with single and double cup pressurized filter baskets, a stainless-steel frothing pitcher, and a 2-in-1 tamper scoop. With its thoughtful design, precise measuring instruments, and high-quality glass containers, the Brim 15 Bar Espresso Maker is perfectly simple. 

Key Features

Listed below are some of the key features of the Brim 15 Bar Espresso Maker that make it stand out from the rest. 

  • Controlled Pressure. This espresso maker features a stable high-pressure Italian pump with a gauge indicator for balanced extraction.
  • Thermal Coil. Its thermal coil system warms up in under a minute, providing consistently hot espresso, shot after shot. 
  • Dry Steam. This espresso maker’s dry steam feature allows for rich crema, made easy for a smooth cup of coffee every time.
  • Power. It features a 1250-watt system with automatic selections. 
  • Accessories. It features a universal portafilter holder with single and double cup pressurized filter baskets. It also features a 12oz. stainless steel frothing pitcher, a 2-in-1 tamper scoop, and a filter cleaning pin. 

Use and Care

Here’s a guide to help you keep your Brim 15 Bar Espresso Maker in top shape. 

  • Care
  • Cleaning pin is included to help clean the Brim 15 Bar Espresso Maker.
  • Filter baskets and portafilters should be emptied and thoroughly rinsed with warm water after every use. 
  • To clean filter baskets and portafilters
  • Firmly grasp the portafilter handle and turn to the left until handle faces unlocked position. The portafilter will drop down and out of the unit. Carefully remove the filter basket and discard used coffee puck. Then, rinse the portafilter and filter basket immediately after use to remove any residual coffee oils. 

If necessary, clean the filter basket using a kitchen brush or soak it in cleaning solution for about 20 minutes. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Use the small end of the cleaning pin to clear holes in the base of filter baskets. 

  • To clean water dispenser and steam wand
  • After dispensing hot water or frothing milk, twist to remove the water dispenser tip and frothing tip from the steam wand. Clean thoroughly. Then, insert the large wire of the cleaning pin into the outlets of both the water dispenser and steam wand to clear. Rinse and screw clean water reservoir tip and frothing tip securely back onto the wands. 
  • To clean drip plate

Remove full bar and drip plate, then slide the drip plate straight out. Empty any collected water. Then, dry with clean cloth and reassemble. 

Brim 15 Bar Espresso Maker Reviews

Here’s what people are saying about the Brim 15 Bar Espresso Maker. 

“Originally, I liked the design that fit my place. I was surprised do not find any product reviews in Amazon or other places. So here we go: Packing: Very good. The original box was packed inside an additional box. Manual: Requires additional work. Section “Filter Baskets: Pressurized or Non-Pressurized?” on page 14 is missing. Functionality: Easy to operate. I had some difficulties on how to get hot water versus steam using the steam wand. Even when you select hot water, steam may come out for a few seconds. Cleaning: Easy Suggested improvements: Replace the measuring spoon/tamper with something more ……nice. I bought a stainless-steel tamper separately and it makes a difference for puck’s preparation. Overall: I am pleased with my purchase and the price. Related to quality, for now I do not see too much difference from my previous Krup Duomo and the 15bar Brim machine, when it comes to latte, but it is different. The time will tell :). For the next buyer: If you do not have a grinder, buy one. It seems that it is a very important part of the process. A fine grind it is important for the espresso’s quality. If you want to register the product with Brim, this product is not shown on the drop-down menu. You’ll be asked to send an email to the customer service.” – Simon K. Laufer


“I work in a coffee shop and wasn’t sure if a home machine would cut it. I have to say this exceeded my expectations and I’m very impressed. I recommend using the pressurized filter basket to pull a better shot. Also make sure you have your beans ground very fine, it steams beautifully and I really like the hot water feature on this as well! Definitely worth the money!” – Haleigh

“I’m not a coffee snob, and this is the first espresso machine I have owned, but I like the taste of the espresso. The machine is a little noisy, but has calm down a little bit after the first several uses. I contacted brim customer support shortly after receiving the unit, because the pressure gauge on the machine didn’t seem to go very high well brewing. I was basically told that that gauge is cosmetic, and not a true reflection of the pressure in the machine. The steamer gets pretty hot, but if you don’t consume the drink right away, the milk and espresso will get cold pretty quickly. We solve this with a vacuum insulated travel mug. Overall, it was easy to learn, and seem to have the best features for the price.” – Scott Matthew

“I wanted a coffee machine that’s better than a Kuerig. This is it. It makes good espresso and you can choose your own coffee. The steam wand is disappointing and at times frustrating. When you select steam at times it will only dispense hot water. When you get steam you have to froth the milk immediately. The standby position releases all the steam and pressure and you have to start over. The instructions are not clear on this process. I am not a coffee or espresso snob so this machine does the trick for $160 on sale at Macys. As for the durability of this machine we will see. By then I will be ready to upgrade it. It is a good entry level machine and using it is fun.” – Florida Swampman

“I can proudly say I have a latte every morning in the comfort of my home!!! I am so thrilled to have an espresso machine, and this is ideal for a counter. It runs a little loud, but almost every espresso machine has some noises/ power behind it. A little confusing to use at first, but every day I learn something else to enhance my drink & it’s fun to make! Not to mention I caught my husband taking espresso shots, so everyone wins!” – Natalie

“1. You never get this quality machine on this price. 2. I’ve tried two espresso machines one is Breville BES840XLand the other one is Lelit PL41TEM. On breville, fine grinds not works very vell it bares drops espresso then it stops work after 2 weeks. On Lelit, steamer is lemon. It keeps throwing the water so you prertty much end up with mix of hot water and hot milk. (Seller gives a advice how I shall operate, but it didn’t work) 3. The beauties of the Brim machine – Compare to other machines, as the other reviewer pointed, machine handle is slides into receiver very smoothly; even though I use fine grind as 5, it drops so high quality espresso. (excellent espresso taste, crema looks really nice); very easy to operate compare to Italian machines. Espresso shot button is automatic; steamer is idea, water is barely leaking so I can drink just hot milk; I love all the components with excellent quality. The heavy temper is pretty which I guess around 25-dollar quality. Overall, I used this machine only one week hope it works like happily ever after.” – Sung Lee

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