Can You Brew Coffee Twice

Can You Brew Coffee Twice
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It seems like everyone is looking for new ways to be a little bit more thrifty these days. And who can blame them?

With the economy providing a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs in the last decade alone, it makes perfect sense for anyone to try and cut down on costs wherever they can.

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One such method to cut down on spending and be a little bit more thrifty that may cross the minds of coffee lovers is whether or not they should re-use their coffee beans and can you brew coffee twice.

It’s definitely possible to take your used coffee grounds and make a second batch of coffee with them. That being said, just because it’s possible, doesn’t mean that it’s an ideal option.

There’s a number of reasons why you’re probably better off only brewing your coffee a single time that we will address in this article.

And as an added bonus, if you’re still feeling thrifty and you’re determined to get the most out of your coffee beans, we’ll even provide you with some valid ways that you can recycle your used coffee. Some of them might even surprise you!

Can You Brew Coffee Twice

So, Can You Brew Coffee Twice?

So, we’ve established that it’s certainly possible to reuse your coffee beans and brew a second batch of coffee. Maybe you even already do this on a regular basis.

But is it a good idea?

The short answer is no, probably not.

The more detailed answer is that due to a variety of circumstances, brewing coffee twice will produce a cup of coffee that is not only inferior in taste to your first pot, but will also contain less caffeine as well.

That may sound like a fair trade to make if you’re looking to cut down on your caffeine consumption, but for most people, that’s less than ideal.

Why You Shouldn’t Brew Coffee Twice

As we mentioned above, there are two main reasons why you shouldn’t brew your coffee twice and why you should only drink your morning cup of joe from a freshly brewed pot.

Those two reasons are perhaps the most important components of any good cup of coffee – taste and caffeine content!

But why exactly is that

But why exactly is that?

It all comes down to the process of coffee extraction. While some people who only drink instant coffee usually couldn’t care less about this process, there’s actually some pretty specific science going on when brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

It has to be brewed just right, as under extraction or over extraction can end up producing a foul-tasting cup of coffee that’s either too sour or too bitter.

As your coffee grounds steep in water, they release the thousands of chemical compounds they contain. When properly extracted, these compounds provide your coffee with that perfect delicious flavor that you know and love.

From this, you can clearly see why brewing your coffee a second time isn’t a good idea if you care about the flavor of your coffee. By brewing your coffee grounds a second time, you will most likely end up over-extracting them, resulting in quite a bitter-tasting cup of coffee!

The caffeine content of the coffee beans is also directly affected by the extraction process. The majority of the caffeine is actually extracted within the first few seconds of the brewing process.

So if you decide to recycle your coffee beans to make another batch, you may end up with a pot of coffee that is actually borderline decaf. If you rely on your coffee to give you a boost in the morning to start your day, that’s definitely a big reason not to brew it twice.

Alternative Options for Used Coffee Grounds

Just because you shouldn’t brew your coffee twice doesn’t mean that you can’t still put those old coffee grounds to good use. Instead of throwing them into the compost, why not try out some of these clever household uses for recycled coffee grounds.

  • The rough texture of coffee grounds works as a great abrasive, making them useful for removing those tough stains from your dishes
  • That abrasive texture also makes them excellent for using as a skin exfoliator
  • Used coffee grounds and filters are both compostable, and considering coffee grounds also are a rich source of nitrogen, they’re an excellent option to use as compost
  • Finally, coffee grounds are quite similar to baking soda in that they are capable of acting as a deodorizer, meaning you can leave them in your fridge to help keep it smelling fresh


If you want to enjoy a great cup of coffee, you should definitely only brew your coffee once. Brewing it twice will rob your coffee of its rich flavor and most of its caffeine content.

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