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Coffee Mug 24 Oz

Latest Update: May 18, 2022
The ultimate in on-the-go convenience, the Contigo Snapseal Byron Stainless Steel Travel Mug, 24 oz, is designed for an easy, one handed drinking experience. Learn more!

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Looking for a 24 oz coffee mug that can keep your favorite drink hot or cold? There are a lot of mugs out in the market today, but one of our all-time faves has to be the Contigo Coffee Mug 24 Oz.

Keep reading to find out why this is our top pick!

Contigo Coffee Mug 24 Oz

The Contigo Coffee Mug 24 Oz is made for the modern movers, shakers, commuters, travelers, and urban explorers in all of us.

The ultimate on-the-go convenience, the Contigo Snap seal Byron Stainless Steel Travel Mug, 24 oz, is designed for an easy, one-handed drinking experience. All you need to do is pop the top to drink. There’s no lid to unscrew or remove – just make sure to snap it closed after you’re done sipping to seal the leak-proof lid. Drinks stay hot for up to 6 hours and cold for up to 12 with Thermalock Vacuum Insulation.

Contigo Coffee Mug 24 Oz Reviews

Here are some reviews from users:

“First off, the styling of this travel mug is great. It’s huge but slim enough to fit in my cup holders. The matte black finish is so cool and modern. Today was my first time using it. I made coffee at 9:30 am and prewarmed the mug with hot tap water. I drove an hour to my destination and it was still too hot to drink. I ran errands all morning and I finished my coffee at 1:30pm! It wasn’t luke warm either. It was still hot enough to be enjoyable 4 hours later! The out side of the cup never got warm. Next time I won’t prewarmed it so I can drink it sooner. I’m about to order another for my husband. We are super impressed.” – Mary Beth“I have had this bottle for over two years and I use it nearly every day. I have two of these bottles in different colors. It keeps my water cold and my hot chocolate hot. There are no leaks or spills and it fits in the cup holder in my car. All of my coworkers know when they see this bottle that I am in the office because I use it every single day. My one coworker bought one of these because she always saw mine. I am now a Contigo fan. It is super easy to wash because of the wide mouth and the lid is easy to wash as well. I wash everything by hand but the lid is dishwasher safe and I have put it in there every now and then with no issues.” – Miller

Date Published: May 21, 2022

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