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How Many Times A Day Can I Drink Keto Coffee

Latest Update: May 20, 2022
How many times a day can I drink keto coffee? Discover the answer here!

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If you’ve been wondering, “how many times a day can I drink keto coffee?”, keep reading to find the answer to your question!

How Many Times A Day Can I Drink Keto Coffee?

Keto coffee has gained immense popularity in the health and fitness world. It’s been touted to help reduce hunger while fasting and ramp up fat-burning mechanisms. But, how many times a day can you drink Keto Coffee and still lose weight?

The number of times you can drink Keto Coffee in a day depends on several factors:

  1. How caffeine sensitive you are.
  2. If you’re using Keto Coffee as a meal replacement.

If you are particularly sensitive to caffeine, ideally you may want to stick to one cup of Keto Coffee or less per day. Too much stimulation from caffeine can disrupt your sleep and poor quality sleep is highly tied to increased weight gain and obesity.

If you find that you are drinking more Keto Coffee because it’s easier than having to eat a meal, then this is also going to work against your goals. By completely replacing meals with Keto Coffee, you’re missing out on a significant amount of protein which is required to boost the satiety hormone peptide YY, improve body composition and achieve a weight loss goal.

As a rule of thumb, aiming for 1-2 cups of Keto Coffee per day is ideal. However, depending on the above factors, you may need to stick with one or fewer cups of Keto Coffee per day.

Date Published: May 24, 2022

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