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How Much Coffee in An Electric Percolator

How Much Coffee in An Electric Percolator
Latest Update: May 26, 2022
Did you buy your new Coffee Percolator but do now know How Much Coffee in An Electric Percolator should be? Keep reading so you won't have to figure it yourself!

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How much coffee in an electric percolator? And how does an electric percolator work? How do you make a great cup of coffee in an electric percolator? Read on to find out.

Since being introduced in the early 1900s, electric coffee percolators spent many decades being the coffee maker of choice. Only in the last few years have electric percolators been overtaken in popularity by drip coffee makers.

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Electric percolators can still be purchased in most appliance stores and are very simple to use.

The key to making great coffee with an electric percolator is using coarse ground coffee.

But how much coffee in an electric percolator? And how does an electric percolator work? How do you make a great cup of coffee in an electric percolator? Read on to find out.

How do electric percolators work

How do electric percolators work?

There are two different types of coffee percolators: non-electric and electric. Non-electric percolators include stovetop coffee makers. Electric percolators, which include large coffee urns, work very simply.

Basically, electric percolators move hot water through your coffee grounds to make rich and delicious coffee. First, fill the water chamber with water. Then add coffee grounds to the top and turn the heat on. As the water boils, it rises through a tube and into the chamber with the coffee grounds.

The water builds up in the chamber, causing the pressure to rise as more water is pumped up. Once the pressure is high enough, the water is pushed back down through the grounds, infusing it with the coffee. This water then gets heated again, and the process is repeated over and over until the desired intensity is achieved.

Some electric percolators have an automatic switch off when the coffee is done, but if you have a manual one, you will have to check as it goes through the process.

How Much Coffee in An Electric Percolator

The type of grinds and the amount of coffee you use in your electric percolator is different from a French press or a drip coffee machine. Changing the number of grounds you use changes the strength of the coffee.

When measuring coffee, you should use a standard coffee-measuring spoon. This spoon is equivalent to 2 tablespoons and is important when determining how much coffee to use. Grind your beans to a coarse grind, which should be larger than sand or sugar particles.

If you are buying ground coffee, select regular ground coffee or coffee grinds suitable for all coffee makers. Never use finely ground or drip coffee grounds as they may flood the basket. Some coffees state that they are suitable for both percolators and drip machines, but these grounds are typically too fine and cause basket flooding.

As a general guideline, 1 heaped tablespoon is perfect for a rich, strong cup of coffee. If you prefer weaker coffee, use a bit less. For each heaped tablespoon of water, add 5 ounces of water.

How to make delicious coffee in an electric percolator

How to make delicious coffee in an electric percolator

  1. Always keep your percolator clean. You need to wash the entire percolator in hot water and soap every single time you use it. Remember to clean the inside of the tube using a long, thin brush or a pipe cleaner.
  2. Freshly grind your coffee. Once the coffee is ground, the flavor is released. The longer you leave ground coffee unused, the more the flavor will be lost, and your coffee’s flavor will be spoiled.
  3. Take the percolator apart and put the tube in place.
  4. Pour water into your coffee percolator until it is just under the line on the tube where the basket will rest.
  5. Put the basket in place and add your coffee grounds.
  6. Fit the lid on the basket inside the percolator.
  7. Plug in your percolator and switch it on.
  8. Watch the percolator until it stops percolating, then switch the machine off.
  9. Be very careful so you don’t burn yourself and remove the percolator’s lid and take out the whole filter stem. If you don’t take it out, the steam from the coffee will keep condensing and drip over the used coffee grounds and into your coffee. This will make your coffee bitter. Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy the rich, aromatic taste.


Knowing how much coffee in an electric percolator is vital to making a rich and full-bodied cup of coffee. By using too much, your coffee will be strong and bitter; by using too little, it will be weak and watery. Make sure you measure your coffee correctly for the perfect cup every time.

Date Published: January 22, 2018

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