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Best Nespresso Vertuoline Iced Coffee Pods Guide in 2022

Latest Update: March 19, 2022

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Ever tried these Nespresso VertuoLine iced coffee pods? Learn more about Nespresso’s line of iced coffee pods, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to make Vertuo iced coffee.

Just when you think you’ve finally found what your favorite coffee is, summer comes along and makes you question your decision. After all, warmer times often call for cooler coffees, and there are a lot of options you can choose from – one such option is iced coffee.

Now, if you’re looking for good-tasting iced coffee, look no further than Nespresso VertuoLine iced coffee pods! Nespresso VertuoLine iced coffee pods are expertly crafted coffees, made to reveal they’re true, delicious essence when enjoyed chilled over ice.

Ever tried these Nespresso VertuoLine iced coffee pods? This article is for you! Here, we list down some flavors you can choose from Nespresso’s line of iced coffee pods, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to make Vertuo iced coffee.

How to Make Vertuo Iced Coffee

With a Nespresso Vertuo machine, you normally get a longer cup of coffee. The dispensed amount can be found on the side of the box and on the underside of the capsule. We recommend going for a glass (not a mug) that’s around twice the size of the drink you want, which gives room for the liquid and the ice.

Making Iced Coffee with Nespresso Vertuoline Iced Coffee Pods. Fill a glass with ice – you’re looking at around 6 regular-sized ice cubes (or more, if you’re using small ice). Adjust ice and cup size depending on the size of your cup.

Next, put the glass under your Vertuo machine and insert your chosen pod into the machine. Tap the button and let the coffee brew as normal, over the ice. Given that there’s a lot of ice in the cup, the hot coffee brews as normal but will cool instantly.

Once the coffee has brewed, you’re ready to drink it!

But, you may want to leave it for a few minutes to fully cool. Generally, as the ice floats to the top, you get a warmer section at the bottom of the glass that can take a while to cool.

You may find that the drink is a bit too intense, but you can adjust the flavor by adding water or cold milk into the glass. Don’t add more than around 90ml of additional liquid, or you’ll just have a rather horrible cup of coffee-flavored water.

Nespresso Vertuoline Iced Coffee Pods

Nespresso VertuoLine iced coffee pods come in different flavors. Here are some that you can choose from, along with reviews from buyers to give you an idea of how it tastes:

With Nespresso Barista Creations Ice Forte, you can enjoy an iced coffee that reveals an intense taste when tasted. The South American Arabicas mixed with the Indonesian Arabicas offer subtle cereal, woody and peppery notes. A coffee with a grilled aromatic profile, specially designed to be enjoyed iced.

Enjoy a refreshing iced coffee with an intense taste with Barista Creations Ice Forte. The union of Colombian and Indonesian Arabicas reveals their best flavors when poured over ice. Indonesian coffee beans give Ice Forte cereal, woody, and peppery notes while Colombian Arabicas give it around the body.

Ice Forte iced coffee has a separate roast. The slightly roasted Arabicas retain their aromatic complexity by revealing different flavors of cereals, woody and peppery. As for the long roasted Arabicas, they give it its body and its intensity.

It is not enough to add ice cubes to a coffee to make a good iced coffee. When the hot coffee meets the ice, the taste of the coffee changes and does not always reveal the best of itself.

This is why Nespresso’s coffee has previously studied all of the consequences of this phenomenon and has chosen coffees that would retain all of their aromas once cooled, or even enhance them. Likewise, they have ensured that the Ice Forte recipe retains all its qualities if it is decided to add sparkling water or blackcurrant syrup.

With Nespresso VertuoLine Variations Ice Forte Coffee, you can enjoy an intense roast with cereal, woody, and peppery notes. A union of Colombian and Indonesian Arabicas that reveals its most subtle aromas when poured over ice.

Buyer Reviews:

“I think you’re able to appreciate the subtle nutty, peppery notes of this flavor better on ice. Tastes great with honey and almond or soy milk. I would recommend this to iced coffee lovers for sure!” – Kimberly

“This is smooth and great for iced lattes with my Nespresso but I honestly don’t notice a difference-making this over ice vs. the other pods.” – Lesley

“I’ve been using my trusted Nespresso machine for years now. I love their forte flavors especially! These here are very tasty, strong but not acidic or too bitter. They are intended to make iced coffee but I’m using the hot and cold. In the summer I just brew the coffee over ice cubes, add cold milk and I have perfect iced coffee in a minute.” – Heying

“Nespresso Iced Forte. Now I enjoy a refreshing iced coffee with the intense taste of Barista Creations ICE FORTE South American Arabicas mixed with the Indonesian Arabica which offers a very good aromatic experience. Dark roasted and ground specifically for a delicious experience over ice. My ice coffee forte has saved me many trips to Dunkin donuts.”– Edith

Enjoy a refreshing iced coffee with the delicate fruity and cereal notes of Barista Creations ICE LEGGERO. Poured over ice, the Ethiopian coffee’s elegant flavors refresh you like the gentlest of summer breezes.

Roasted lightly and ground specifically to deliver this delicate, cooling sensation, the light notes dance on your palate.

Buyer Reviews:

“It definitely did not disappoint! The Nespresso Ice Leggero pod consists of a mild blend of Ethiopian and Peruvian Arabicas. It has a light fruitiness that pairs well with oat or regular frothed milk. This was a light and refreshing coffee to have in the hot afternoon sun. I highly recommend this Nespresso Ice Leggero pod if you’re a fan of toasty coffee notes.

However, do note this is only 80 ml so you may need a few throughout the day!”
– Purple

“With Leggero meaning light in Italian, you shouldn’t be expecting a strong coffee experience when trying this limited edition Nespresso Iced coffee. While Leggero is somewhat sour, most likely thanks to its lemony note, I must admit it doesn’t leave much impression.

We’ve tried various water dosages and even added milk to make an iced cappuccino
, but the result was still the same, this capsule lacked flavor and intensity. While you can certainly argue that Nespresso’s goal was indeed to create a light coffee here, to me Leggero just feels like wishy-washy Starbucks.” – CC

“One of my favorite flavors, but honestly you can’t beat any Nespresso coffee if you ask me.” – Chelsea

“Nespresso has saved me so much money over the past year! I usually use the espresso pods and make an iced latte, so the Iced Forte and Leggero have been AMAZING! Great taste, fresh coffee, and no spending extra money or waiting in a long drive-thru line!!” – Hannah

Barista creations: A range of specialty Nespresso coffees inspired by baristas from around the world. The perfect blends to make your favorite coffee recipes from the comfort of your home and allow you to unleash your inner barista.

These Nespresso VertuoLine pods are part of the flavored range that will provide you with a 2.7 oz serving of a delicious coffee beverage.

Nespresso Vertuo delivers you a full range of cup sizes and coffee styles from espresso to Alto XL with easy-to-use Nespresso PODS. Enjoy HOT or pour over ICE.

Indulgent flavored Nespresso coffee blends inspired by our classic favorites: This assortment of Nespresso VertuoLine Espresso Coffee pods contains: 20 caramel Cookies, 20 hazelino muffins, 20 Vanilla custard, 20 ice Leggero, and 20 ice Forte.

Buyer Reviews:

“My husband and I have tried almost every kind and these are our favorite. The only downfall of having a Nespresso is the pods are soooo expensive. Other than the price, they are fresh and good.” – Kimberly

“I love this over ice or as hot coffee, good value.” – KD

“I’m not a fan of the hazelnut muffin or the vanilla custard pods.. it didn’t taste like expected.. I’ve had both pods before but it’s almost like every time I try them they taste more and more bitter or tart.. not as expected.. I wish I could return them but I already used some.” – Becca

“The iced Bianco leggero pods are my go-to pods for making frappes at home. They make the best-blended coffee drinks in my opinion. You can actually taste the espresso even through the blended ice and that’s why I love this pod. I tried blending one with just the regular Bianco leggero pod and it didn’t taste the same at all.

I don’t know what Nespresso does to make it stronger in the iced version but it works.

The iced forte is good too if you like strong dark roasts. I normally freeze coffee into cubes so that when I make iced coffee it doesn’t taste watered down but when I did that with this pod I found it actually was a bit too strong for me. Instead of directly brewing over ice I suggest brewing this pod and gradually adding ice to your liking and seeing what your threshold of “watered down” is since everyone is different. I like my coffee very strong but others in my family don’t.” – CM

The Bottom Line

With Nespresso VertuoLine iced coffee pods, you can enjoy a cold delicious cup of coffee during warm days! Plus, with several flavors to choose from, you’ll definitely find one that matches your preferences and tastes.

Date Published: February 25, 2022

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