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How to Use an Old-fashioned Coffee Percolator

Making coffee using an old-fashioned stovetop coffee percolator doesn’t have a great reputation.  Many coffee experts consider this the worst way to brew coffee. However, with a bit of patience and practice, you can learn how to use an old-fashioned coffee percolator. Quick Navigation Why Make Old-fashioned Percolator Coffee?Why it Has Become Less PopularMaking Old-fashioned […]


How to Clean a Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator

One of the most commonly asked questions by coffee enthusiasts don’t involve how much or what type of coffee beans to use or which brewing machine they should use. The issue that plagues coffee makers the most is how they should clean their stainless steel percolator. Quick Navigation Methods on How to Clean a Stainless Steel […]


How Much Coffee in An Electric Percolator

Since being introduced in the early 1900s, electric coffee percolators spent many decades being the coffee maker of choice. Only in the last few years have electric percolators been overtaken in popularity by drip coffee makers.  Quick Navigation How do electric percolators work?How much coffee should I use?How to make delicious coffee in an electric […]


Percolator vs Drip Coffeemaker: Which One Is Best?

Percolator vs Drip Coffeemaker: Which One Is Best?Once upon a time, percolator coffeemakers were an incredibly common household item. Many classic television shows from the 1950s and 60s would showcase a percolator, with its distinctive whistling sound made when the coffee is ready. Percolators are capable of making quite a strong cup of coffee indeed thanks […]