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What Does Ryan Seacrest Put In His Coffee Mug

What does Ryan Seacrest put in his coffee mug? Find out here!

Ryan Seacrest is one of the busiest men in Hollywood. So, if you’re wondering, “What does Ryan Seacrest put in his coffee mug” to help him stay up and energetic for his schedule – keep reading!

What Does Ryan Seacrest Put In His Coffee Mug

When asked about his coffee habits, Ryan said this at a Television Critics Association panel, “So the morning starts with a very bold, strong coffee. I drink it FAST — then I go to work.”

Now, if you watched Live! With Kelly and Ryan and seeing that clip of Ryan whipping up some coffee, you must be wondering what exactly he put in his coffee mug. In the video, Ryan tells fans you actually can’t use “regular coffee” and you have to use instant coffee, Ryan showed: “a pinch of cinnamon” and a full ingredients list for “how to make whipped coffee.” The whisked and finished product, which included oat milk, came with curled chocolate topping and wound up looking flawless in a tall glass, with Ryan telling fans he added collagen for a little “twist.” The iced coffee, captioned “Whipped coffee,” is now earning Ryan high praise.

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