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Why Does My Coffee Taste Sour

Why Does My Coffee Taste Sour
Latest Update: February 28, 2018

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You’ve just stumbled out of bed, your alarm clock rousing you out of a deep sleep.

Your next step, of course, is to venture into your kitchen and brew yourself a cup of coffee. 

It’s the morning ritual for millions around the world.

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As you take a seat at your kitchen table, a cup of coffee in hand, you take your first sip. Instead of the usual, pleasant jolt that you’re expecting, you almost recoil at the taste – your coffee is sour! So you might be asking, why does my coffee taste sour

There’s a number of reasons why your coffee might be tasting sour. In this article, we’ll address six of the most common reasons that your coffee might be tasting sour, bitter, or just plain awful in general.

6 Reasons To Your Question - Why Does My Coffee Taste Sour

6 Reasons To Your Question – Why Does My Coffee Taste Sour

Your Coffee is Under Extracted

Put in simple terms, coffee extraction refers to the process that occurs when the soluble flavors found in coffee beans are dissolved in water. Making a perfect cup of coffee requires using the correct amount of coffee beans and extracting just the right amount, controlled by a combination of correct time and temperature.

If your coffee is under extracted, it will end up tasting sour. This is because as the coffee beans are being brewed, they will first release their acidic content. In order to avoid this sour taste, you have to ensure that your coffee is properly extracted, which will allow the other distinct flavors found in coffee beans to be released as well.

Your Coffee Beans Are No Longer Fresh

Ask anybody who really knows a thing or two about brewing good coffee and they will tell you how important it is to use fresh coffee beans. Once coffee beans are exposed to stressors such as heat, light, moisture, and even oxygen, they will begin to undergo oxidation. This, in turn, causes the beans to become stale.

You can avoid this happening by always making sure to store your coffee beans in an airtight container and keeping them in a cool, dry location in your kitchen.

You Need to Clean Your Coffee Maker

It doesn’t matter what type of coffee making machine that you are using – whether it’s a drip coffee maker, an espresso machine, a French press, or a percolator – if it isn’t cleaned properly, it can impact the taste of your coffee.

It’s important to regularly clean your coffee maker so you can avoid the possibility of brewing a foul batch of coffee caused by any dirty components in your coffee-making device of choice.

You Need to Use Better Quality Water

What are the two main ingredients involved in making coffee? You guessed it – coffee beans and water. We’ve already covered how your coffee beans can have an impact on how your coffee ends up tasting. But did you know that your water quality can also directly influence the flavor?

There’s a reason why many people purchase distilled water or even filtration systems to use when drinking the tap water from their homes. It helps to remove any impurities found in the water. When using water to make your coffee, it should be filtered the same way as you would normally if you were going to drink it.

You Are Letting Your Coffee Sit For Too Long

This reason for sour or foul tasting coffee mainly applies to individuals who are making pots of coffee using a drip coffee machine. It’s especially noticeable for many coffee aficionados who frequent express coffee shop chains. Just as it’s important to use fresh coffee beans when making your coffee, it’s equally important to enjoy the coffee when it is freshly brewed.

It Might Just Be Your Coffee

The fact of the matter is not all coffee beans are created equal. Different roasts can all offer a wide variety of different flavors. It’s only natural that some of those roasts will taste better than others. If it’s your first time trying a specific blend and you can’t stand the taste, it could very well just be the coffee. This can even be true for certain coffee roasts that you know and love. They can end up with the occasional bad batch – it’s just a part of life.

It Might Just Be Your Coffee


We know how vital that first cup of coffee in the morning is for many, many people out there. It’s definitely important that you are able to enjoy the taste of it!

If you find that the taste of your coffee has been lacking, hopefully after reviewing the above list you are able to narrow down just what it is that’s causing your morning cup of joe to taste so sour.

Date Published: January 22, 2018

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